Online Registration Instructions

Starting with Summer Registration, BAC will be using a new online registration system.  For step by step instructions with screen shots on how to create an account click here.

Fall Registration Dates and Fees

Sport Base Fee Early Registration On-time Registration Late Registration Very Late Registration
Rec Soccer $115 May 15 to June 15 - $105 June 16 to July 31- $115 Aug. 1 to 15 - $140 Aug. 16 to Sept. 16 - $155
Adult Soccer $110 N/A May 15 to July 31 - $110 Aug. 1 to 31 - $135 N/A
Field Hockey $135 May 15 to June 15 - $125 June 16 to July 31- $135 Aug. 1 to 15 - $160 Aug. 16 to Sept. 16 - $185
Girl's Lacrosse Clinics $85 May 15 to June 15 - $75 June 16 to July 31 - $85 Aug. 1 to 15 - $110 N/A


Travel Soccer registration is by invitation. Travel Soccer is a year long committment, so players will only have to register once for the entire year.  The registration fee is $370.  You can save $20 if paying for the full year at the time of registration.  An installment plan is also available so that you would pay $170 at the time of registration with 2 additional payments of $100 each..

Adult Soccer registration requires a password.  If you do not know your teams password, or are new to the league, please contact Jake at

Scholarship registration has changed.  There will no longer be a separate link for scholarship registration.  During the payment section, scholarship players will have the option to pay by scholarship.  Scholarship registration will not be approved until the needed paperwork is submitted.


Please choose a registration option:

1.  Players: Summer Camp & Fall Registration is now OPEN

2.  Travel Soccer Tryouts:  Tryout registration

For questions about registration, please email Carol at