Participant Code of Conduct

Revised 3/11/2024

The goal for our league is to provide a fun and safe atmosphere for all and it is the responsibility of each participant in the league to be an example to the club’s families, coaches, and young soccer players in upholding these goals.  Each team manager and player must read and understand the following code of conduct and club rules, agreeing to them prior to registration.

1) Always show respect to all game officials, teammates, and opposing players and fans

2) Read and understand FIFA’s rules and code of conduct

3) Teams are responsible for the conduct of their players and fans.  

4) Any verbal or physical abuse directed at any participant, including game officials, teammates, opposing players, or fans will result in a disciplinary action against the parties involved and could result in banning the player or entire team from continuing the league.  

5) Team managers, players, and their fans are responsible for the proper treatment of the facility, including upkeep of the fields (e.g. placing and removing corner cones and ensuring all materials and trash are removed from the fields after play, etc)

6) Remember we are all here to play safely and to have fun, together