Administrative Guidelines

Revised 3/11/2024

We have certain expectations for our teams, managers, and participants in assisting us to put together a league that is supportive of all:

  • BAC’s Adult League is in association with the Metropolitan DC-Virginia Soccer Association (Home ( and all registered members receive benefits through the partnership.   (See their website for more information.)
    • Due to this association, no guest players are allowed on our pitch at any time.  Playing with a guest player will forfeit the match and put the offending team’s status in our league under review, including the potential for immediate dismissal and/or ban of the entire team, without refund.
    • If any player is banned from playing by the MDCVSA, they will be ineligible to play in our league.  
  • Unless otherwise stated for a specific division, rosters may consist of both men and women, in accordance with the age requirements, but there are no specific requirements for co-ed play.
  • League divisions and structure will change from season to season depending on the number of participating teams and the ages of players on their roster.
  • Our divisions are managed by the league and division commissioners working in conjunction with a council of managers to adapt to any changes that occur to the game over time.   This group will meet semiannually between seasons to recap the previous season and plan for the next.
  • Information will flow from the club to each team manager to communicate with individual players.
    • Each manager will be required to register as a player and as a volunteer within BAC’s registration system.  
    • Each team will be provided access to TeamSnap to help coordinate team activities and provided a “manager’s kit” each season with various equipment to support the game.
  • Each team will need to have a minimum of twelve (12) registered players to be considered a valid team prior to season scheduling
  • Age requirements for any division of play will be determined by the date of birth at the end of that registration season. Those who qualify for the division’s age will use a team code provided by the managers to register so they are placed on the correct team.   Anyone who does not conform to the age requirements will have to go through a special approval process:
    • “Grandfathered” allowances from the past set of league rules will phase out after the Spring 2024 season.   At that point, managers will be given some flexibility with roster management going forward to keep groups of friends together.
      • 40+ divisions will be allowed to have a maximum of 20% of their total roster “underage.”   Minimum allowed age is 35 for men, 21 for women.
      • 45+ divisions will be allowed to have a maximum of 25% of their total roster being “underage”.   Minimum allowed age is 40 for men, 21 for women.
      • Players cannot play on two teams in the same division, but are allowed to “Dual Play” for a team in each division.   To do this they must be in good standing, are not classified as underage in either division, and register for each team with the proper codes. 
    • Managers are responsible for the makeup of their roster and their team could be moved between divisions depending on the player’s ages on a specific season’s roster.
  • Single players, interested in joining an established team, can reach out to and BAC’s management will attempt to link them up with teams needing players.
  • The number of games scheduled per season will vary depending on the number of weeks we can actively play.   Our goal is to play at least two full months of a regular season, with a short post season to follow.
    • Should a match be cancelled due to weather or an outside event, the league will attempt to reschedule, but no rematch is guaranteed.
    • The post season will consist of a final week mini tournament of the top four teams in each division playing a semi-final on Monday and a championship on Wednesday.
  • All games are played at Patriot Park, off Braddock Road and Fairfax County Parkway.   These games consist of half field play on the blue lines with Field One being to the North at the park entrance, and Field Two being on the South side, furthest from the parking lot.​​​​​
  • BAC Leadership reserves the right to alter any rule or make exceptions during normal operation if it benefits everyone in a balanced approach or if doing so protects the sanctity of the league