For nearly 20 years, Burke Athletic Club has hosted a variety of sports leagues designed to provide the adults in our community with the same opportunities to stay on the pitch and keep active as we do for our kids. 

Currently we offer two divisions of play, over 40 years old and over 45.   We play half field 8v8 at Patriot Park on weeknights with 30-minute halves.  Both divisions can have co-ed rosters, but there are no co-ed play requirements.    We are looking to form a women’s league and a true co-ed league once we find enough participant support.

The fall season runs from August to November, while the Spring season runs from March to June.   If you’d like more information, are interested in joining a team, would like to bring a team into the league, or are interested in helping us form future divisions of play, please reach out to us via the contact page.

For more information, see our Rules of Play for expectations on the pitch and our Administrative Guidelines for how teams interact with the league.

Hope to see you on the pitch!