Basic Futsal Rules

Basic Overview of the Rules of Youth Futsal 

•5v5 – There are four field players and a goalie for each team.

•We will use a size 4 Futsal ball (which has approximately 30% less bounce than a soccer ball)

•Substitutions are made on the fly

•There are two 20 minute halves & one three minute half-time

•There are no throw-in, a kick-in is used instead

•1 one minute time out per half

•Instead of goal kicks, the goalie throws the ball back into play

•Throws or kicks by the goalie must touch a player or the court before crossing midfield

•There is no off-side

•No shoot outs

•There will be one ref who will also keep the official time.

•We will use the basketball three point arc as the penalty area.

•The clock does not stop.